The age of social media and the way we share information is unmatched. Website's like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, allow people who have dreams, but need funds - to accomplish them.

Paul and Audrey Vermilyea met at the University of Alabama. They then got married and moved to Nashville. They decided to come back to Tuscaloosa to open a coffee shop that is reminiscent of the shops in Nashville.

They created a Kickstarter account and raised over $52,000 to help open their shop. The neat thing about Kickstarter is that when you donate money to a cause you get something back. If you donate $10 or more you get a free coffee. On the other hand, if you donate $500 or more you get a specialty drink named after you and you become apart of the coffee club.

The Vermilyea's describe their coffee shop as a ' community-powered craft coffee shop in the heart of Tuscaloosa.'

You can visit the Monarch Espresso Bar at 714 22nd Ave.

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