Tuscaloosa is home to many fine restaurants. However, there is still plenty of room for MORE fine restaurants to make their home here. It's no secret that Steak N' Shake and Whataburger will be here before the end of the year. So, I'm not including them on this list, (even though I'm HAPPY that they're both coming here). Nevertheless, here are 11 Restaurants That Aren't In Tuscaloosa But Should Be.

11) TGI Fridays: These Restaurants are ALL over The US. (but not in Tuscaloosa). Casual Dining with GREAT Food, Excellent Service, and Renowned Long Island Iced Tea! A TGI Fridays would be a welcome addition to T-Town!  Visit TGI Fridays Website HERE

10) Portillos: Since I am originally a Chicago Boy, I am a huge fan of of this Chicago Institution. But recently, they've expanded to locations in California, Arizona, and Florida. It's time for one in Tuscaloosa!  For real Chicago Style Dogs, Polish Sausage, and Italian Beef, these guys are tough to beat!  Visit Portillos Website HERE

9) El Pollo Loco: "The Crazy Chicken" is what El Pollo Loco is translated as in English, and when it comes to Chicken, (and just about everything else), these folks RULE! The Chicken Burritos, The Fire Grilled Chicken With Tortilla & Salsa, and The Chicken Tortilla Soup, are ALL Delicious!  Visit El Pollo Loco Website HERE

8) Fatburger: I discovered this place last summer while vacationing out in LA. Luckily for us, there was one across the street from the hotel where we were staying at. Needless to say, but they got plenty of our money! Voted as "The Best Tasting Burger In LA". Their Burgers come in three sizes, "XL" which is One Patty, "XXL" which are Two Patties, and "XXXL" which, you guessed it, are THREE Patties! (I could BARELY finish an XL Burger, don't know how anyone could finish an XXL Burger!). Bonus points for their incredible Chili-Cheese Fries, too!    Visit Fatburger Website HERE 

7) Shoney's: At one time we had TWO in the area, (One in Tuscaloosa, and one in Northport), now we're down to NONE. It's time to bring one back! Why? Well, I've got FOUR words for you:  "Breakfast Bar" & "Salad Bar". That's reason enough!   Visit Shoney's Website HERE

6) Del Taco: This place is a Los Angeles institution! In fact, the FIRST meal I ever ate on California soil was at a Del Taco in Pasadena, California. My Personal Favorite was The Combo #7, (2 Beer Battered Fish Tacos). But, The Legendary Del Taco, and The Epic Steak & Potato Burrito, were pretty spectacular, too!   Visit Del Taco Website HERE

5) Denny's: Another franchise that used to be in Tuscaloosa, but isn't here any longer. Who can forget their Grand Slam Breakfast, or The Moons Over My Hammy, or The Grand Slamwich, (which contains 96 Grams Of Fat and 1400 Calories), but who cares? It is GOOD!   Visit Denny's Website HERE

4) Jack In The Box : Their slogan is "Burgers, Breakfast, Tacos, & More". These guys simply can't do any wrong in my book! My personal favorite menu items are: The Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club, The Chicken Fajita Pita, & The Nacho Monster Taco. Tuscaloosa has gone long enough without a Jack In The Box!    Visit Jack In The Box Website HERE

3) Taco Bueno: People Magazine once named Taco Bueno as "The Best Mexican Fast Food Chain In America", and I honestly can't argue with that endorsement. One bite of their "B.O.B." (Big Ol' Burrito), or the "B.F.T.", (Big Freakin' Taco), or their "Mucho Nachos",  will make you wonder how you ever got along with out them! When it comes to "Tex-Mex Made Fresh", these guys are simply UNTOUCHABLE!    Visit Taco Bueno Website HERE

2) In-N-Out Burger: This place is LEGENDARY in California! In fact, this restaurant  is usually the first place where Female Celebrities eat, after they've dieted for weeks, just so they can fit into that special grown at The Grammy's, The People's Choice, or The Academy Awards show. Whether you're having a Hamburger, A Cheeseburger, A Double-Double, or something off their "Not So Secret Menu", they're in a league of their own!  They're in other states now, too! It's TIME we got one in Alabama....specifically, TUSCALOOSA, Alabama!    Visit In-N-Out Website HERE

And Drum Roll Please.......NUMBER 1!


Of Course! Tuscaloosa NEEDS A Long John Silver's! As you may know, I have been on a personal CRUSADE to bring a Long John Silver’s back to Tuscaloosa. We have not had a Long John Silver's in Tuscaloosa for 3 1/2 years! That is WAY TOO LONG! Currently, there are THREE Captain D’s locations in the Tuscaloosa/Northport area, and ZERO Long John Silver’s franchises. I find this completely UNACCEPTABLE!  With all the new restaurants that are planning on coming to Tuscaloosa in the near future, WHY isn’t Long John Silver’s part of the discussion? It needs to be!   Visit Long John Silver's Website HERE

So there you have it! My "Top 11 Restaurants That Aren't In Tuscaloosa But SHOULD Be!"  ALL of the restaurants named in this list, would make fine additions to "Titletown USA". Hopefully, some of these restaurants will find their way into our city!

I can only hope. :-)

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