Dwayne Johnson is well on his way to leading his very own action cinematic universe. The Rock has two major action films on the way this year, one that finds him going head-to-head with giant mutant zoo animals, and another where he leaps into a massive burning building. But is that really all you’ve got Hollywood? The Rock is bored and needs more insane action in his life. Enter: Red Notice.

Universal and Legendary have just nabbed the rights to a new Johnson action vehicle, reuniting him with his Central Intelligence and Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber. We got our very first peek at their Skyscraper during the Super Bowl, so if that’s any indication, Red Notice will be a wild action thrill. The film is expected to center on two leads, and the studios are currently looking for the right actor to star opposite Johnson.

As far as the plot, nothing is known yet, but as The Hollywood Reporter notes, the title refers to the highest INTERPOL notice and is the closest thing to an international arrest warrant in use today for wanted criminals. So you can expect Johnson to be playing an INTERPOL agent. Will his co-star be the criminal? Perhaps a partner for another buddy action comedy à la Central Intelligence?

What we do know is Johnson is getting big bucks for the movie, and I mean big. Already one of the highest paid working actors – last year he was second only to Fast and Furious foe Vin Diesel – Johnson will paid $20 million for Red Notice, the very first time he’ll cash in on such a massive paycheck. The movie is expected to cost roughly $125 to $150 million with production expected to kick off next spring, followed by a release in 2020, according to Deadline. Johnson’s three upcoming action films, plus his Jungle Cruise movie, and his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel spell out a very Rock-centric next few years. Watch out, Tom Cruise, Johnson is slowly taking over the action genre.

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