It's National Pizza Day, so let's celebrate with some of T-Town's best!

Where is your favorite place to get pizza in Tuscaloosa? I love, love, love pizza, and it was suuuuuper hard for me to keep my list to just five restaurants, but I did it. Check it out!

Broadway offers wood-fired pizzas. It's probably my favorite pizza spot here in West Alabama. I am OBSESSED with their Bambino Pizza and garlic butter sauce.

Marco's Pizza in Northport is the BOMB. It's fresh and delicious, and I don't know what kind of magic pixie dust they put in the flavored pizza crust but HOO BOY, is it great. Their cheesesticks are the best in town, and I will physically fight you if you disagree.

Little Italy have the best lunch specials in Tuscaloosa. You can buy a slice of pizza and customize it with your fave toppings and it's like $5--drink included. Pro tip: get the thick, pan crust. It's like cheesy carb heaven.

Pyro's Fresh Fire Pizza allows you to build your own pizza before their staff cooks it up on a cracker-crisp crust. I'm partial to the BBQ pizza, but you can't go wrong with a creation of your own choosing.

Heat Pizza Bar has the best location of any restaurants on my list. Their specialty pizzas are fantastic, and you haven't lived until you've tried the rueben pizza. Try it now and thank me later.

What is your favorite pizza place? Comment below and let me know!

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