Have you always loved Shenandoah? Now you can experience the group's live show over and over and ... you get the idea. The six-member band are releasing Reloaded, an album of live performances they recorded on tour in 2017.

The 12-track project includes some of their most notable hits: "The Church on Cumberland Road," "Sunday in the South," "Two Dozen Roses" and "If Bubba Can Dance, I Can Too," among other fan favorites. Reloaded also features three new songs from the band: "Noise," "That's Where I Grew Up" and "Little Bit of Livin," all of which were produced by Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts.

"We had always wanted to capture our show live," lead singer Marty Raybon tells Billboard about the album. "I think it’s a way of getting a little more of an insight into the artist, what they are all about, and what their show consists of. I think it’s a great way to advertise what you do so that people will come out to see you."

Reloaded is Shenandoah's 11th studio album in a music catalogue that includes several chart-topping hits. The height of their fame came in the 1990s — they won Vocal Group of the Year at the 1991 ACM Awards, and their collaboration with Alison Krauss on "Somewhere in the Vicinity of My Heart" earned them a CMA Award and Grammy win in 1995.

Shenandoah are set to venture across the country with the continuation of their 30th anniversary tour in 2018. It kicks off Feb. 16 and keeps the band members on the road for almost the entire year, wrapping up on Nov. 24 in Tennessee. Reloaded is available on March 16.

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