McDonald's is announcing changes that will make their Happy Meals more nutritious for children.  They are removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the Happy Meal menu.

It's all part of a new initiative to “offer more balanced meals,” McDonald’s has vowed that, by 2022, at least 50 percent of its Happy Meal menu offerings in major markets across the world will be limited to 600 calories or less, with only 10 percent of those calories coming from saturated fats and 10 percent from added sugar. In the U.S., they vow  that “100 percent” of all Happy Meal combinations offered on menus across the country will clock in at 600 calories or less by June 2018. All will also conform to the company’s new criteria for saturated fat and added sugar, while 78 percent will be compliant with the new sodium standards.

On U.S. menus, McDonald's will no longer offer a cheeseburger Happy Meal on its official menu, even though it will still be available “at the customer’s request,” McDonald’s says. The same goes for chocolate milk, which will be removed as an on-menu option.  Both are still available by request though.  The amount of French fries will also be reduced in a Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets.

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