Carrie Underwood's new Christmas duet with her son Isaiah brought out "so many emotions," the country superstar admits. The 5-year-old's version of "Little Drummer Boy" with his mama arrived on Friday (Sept. 25).

“I was in the booth with him, and trying to get him to access all his little 5-year-old emotions, which he can totally do on his own ... When I heard the song back with his sweet little voice on it, I was laughing and crying," Underwood tells Today. "I'm so proud of him."

"Little Drummer Boy" is part of Underwood's new holiday album, My Gift, released on Friday. Isaiah's voice is a perfect fit for the classic Christmas song's lyrics from the perspective of the young musician, and will no doubt be an incredible audio keepsake for their family.

My Gift is Underwood's first-ever Christmas album; also among the record's 11 songs is "Hallelujah," a collaboration with John Legend. The artist says the project is a true gift to her fans, and for Jesus, and she hopes fans will "need" the album as much as she did.

"I'm so proud of the music that we were able to create, but, also, we were able to create it this year, through all the obstacles," Underwood shares. "We just want to bring some Christmas joy to people, so I'm super excited.”

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