Nothing tastes better than a cold glass of chocolate milk.

I know I do enjoy it.

I mean who can say they don’t like chocolate milk?

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Yet our children may have one item short on their lunch trays soon.

So what does my liking of chocolate milk have to do with a shortage in our schools?

The milk supplier for our region is closing its production plant. Two plants exactly.

Not only will this affect the employees it will also affect over 500 school districts in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi.  Find out which supplier is closing below.

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Schools are now scrambling to find another milk supplier.

Just in Alabama, this has left over 100 schools looking for where to get milk.

The State Dept of Education is working with vendors and The Dairy Alliance to find resources to keep shelf stable milk available in our school districts.

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New Dairy Alabama LLC, a Borden Dairy, has announced that the plant located in Dothan, Alabama is closing its doors by September 30, 2022. It will also close the Hattiesburg Mississippi location by the same date.

Borden has also stated that they will offer employees jobs at other sites or assistance in finding other work in another field…but what about our kids?

As of now, Borden will continue to provide milk to the school districts, but will the schools find a viable source in time?

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