So, a few days ago, I wrote a blog about a few different eyesores that I've noticed while driving around Tuscaloosa. In case you missed it, you can read it right HERE

As soon as it was posted on our Facebook page, some listeners posted that I had missed one....And they were right! I totally forgot the old Downtown YMCA!..... Doh!

The old YMCA, located on the corner of Paul Bryant Drive and Lurleen Wallace Boulevard, has been there for about 60 years. However, a new downtown YMCA opened up last summer, which is what ultimately led to the selling of the building and the land, to the First Presbyterian Church, which is located across the street.

No word yet on exactly what they're ultimately planning for the land, The Church is said to still be weighing their options.

In any event, Thank You to the listeners who pointed out my Eyesore Omission.

Therefore, in recognition of The Old & New Downtown YMCA's, I thought that THIS tune would be appropriate.....ENJOY! :-)

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