Druid City Brewing Company is becoming as well known for the themed chalk art gracing their menu board as they are for their award winning craft beer!

Various artists over the years have been able to chalk some fairly memorable and funny renditions of SEC coaches into modern art standards like Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ featuring Coach Bryant and Coach Saban and Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus' featuring  Lane Kiffin as Venus.

Now that we have some down time before football season, the focus for the past few months has been on classic album covers. Recent works of art have included Les Mile as Michael Jackson from the Thriller album and Lane Kiffin as Elton John from the cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

This time around, Coach Saban is playing the roll of Big Boi and new University of Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne fills in for Andre 3000 in artist Rich Marcks' recreation of Outkast's classic Stankonia album cover. This newest in a long line of now iconic art is aptly title "Tidekonia."

Stop by and see it for yourself at the Druid City Brewing Company taproom at 607 14th Street in Tuscaloosa, in front of Oz Music and behind CitiTrends. They’re open daily at 4pm.

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