Last week as Irma was bearing down on the Caribbean Islands and Florida, forecasters were certain that Hurricane Jose behind it was not a threat to the U.S.  Now Jose may have turned around and could hit the east coast later this week.  It is too early to tell but Jose's track is raising some eyebrows as its long-range track appears to take it right toward the Southeastern U.S. coast later this week.

Jose is a Category 1 hurricane that looks like it may make a a full loop in the Atlantic Ocean before possibly following a track that could place the system off the coast by late this weekend.  Currently, it is several hundred miles northeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and locked in a strange spiral as it moves toward the east at 6 mph.

Wind shear and cooler water will likely cause Jose to lose some of its strength, but a move back to the south and then the west will put the system over warmer water possibly allowing it to re-intensify, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Let's all hope that it stays out in the ocean and continues to weaken, but we'll be keeping our eye on it just in case.

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