Coming from a huge place like Orlando, I've had to adjust to living in a small city.

There are certain things I had to learn to appreciate, and other things that I of course miss.

The tempo of the people is just so much different back home. It's not like New York where people just walk past you because they're too busy to speak. But Orlando overall has a faster feel than a small city like Tuscaloosa.

After traveling to a few cities in Alabama, I'm wondering who has the best small city in the state.

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Wallet Hub recently released information about the best smallest cities in America.

Who do you think topped the list in Alabama?

To determine the best small city in America, Wallet Hub compared data from 1,319 cities across five key dimensions:

  •  Affordability
  • Economic Health
  • Education & Health
  • Quality of Life
  • Safety

For their sample, they selected cities with population sizes between 25,000 and 100,000 and considered only the “city proper” in each case, excluding cities in the surrounding metro area.

Alabama's Top Small City

According to the Wallet Hub study, Madison scored in the highest percentile in the state.

Madison had a total score of 59.6 in the study. Their affordability score was 43, the economic health score was 486.

Madison's education and health score came out to 958, their quality of life was 554 and the safety rating was 858.

Do you agree with Madison being the best small city in the state of Alabama?

You can see the other Alabama cities that made the list by looking at the full study on Wallet Hub here.

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