Ok, so we all have been hitting Taco Bell for the return of the Mexican Pizzas’. So is your drink choice a Baja Blast? That has been available at your local Taco Bell and I have only found it at my Taco Bell.

Well, that will change this summer!

Mountain Dew is releasing our favorite flavor to local store shelves!  Have you seen it yet?

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Yes, a Baja Blast where I can stock up and it enjoy it without hitting a drive-through!!

Picture it, a tall glass of pure refreshment that screams summer with its perfect hue of a light green-blue color. Swirling around this perfection is ice cubes to make sure it is a perfect temperature to cool us off in the summer sun…

It gets better!!!

Not only is our favorite being bottled and sold at our favorite stores, but Mountain Dew has also gone above and beyond.

Mountain Dew Baja Mango Gem and Mountain Dew Baja Gold are also in the lineup for release.

Ok, what’s so special about the extra flavors… these drinks are mango and pineapple flavored. Nothing says summer like mango and pineapple!

Will there be a zero-sugar version available?

Of course, Mountain Dew will make sure those of us watching our sugar intake will be able to enjoy them.

So does it stop there… NO! There will also be a Baja Blast energy drink!

Like Mountain Dew alone doesn’t put a pep in our step. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are all fully alert and ready for the afternoon pep we need to make it through our work days.

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