So with all this buzz around Taco Bell, Mcdonald's decided to join the bandwagon and add something new to their menu. Of course, this is only available at the moment in Spain.

So what is the item being added?… Nachos! (according to the company's website.)

So what makes these nachos stand above the rest?

Let's see.

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The "Grand McExtreme" nachos consist of cheddar cheese sauce, tomatoes, onions, double meat, and tortilla chips.

All those ingredients make your basic nachos right? Well, the Golden Arches went above and beyond by incorporating the nachos inside a burger!! You read that right…INSIDE a burger!

All I can say is wow! That could give a Juicy Lucy a run for its money.

What else could be added that might make Taco Bell a bit cranky?

How about a side order of McShaker Fries.

What may those be you are asking yourself?

How about an order of fries with a side of seasoned cheddar cheese sauce? Ok, why name them McShaker Fries? They come with a bag to place your fries in add the cheddar cheese sauce and shake them to coat the fries with the cheesy goodness.

Could you say hold my margarita?! Of course, being that this is only available in Spain right now kind of breaks my heart.

If it's a hit will Mcdonald's bring these items stateside and add them here? We can truly only hope so. I would be willing to try both of these just to be able to say “Yeah, I tried that.”

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