I love it when Alabama makes it into the national conversation.

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But, uh, maybe not like this.

Yesterday, a five year old named "Jackson" who loves to dress up, like a horror movie character, Chucky, is causing a stir.

In 1988, "Childs Play" was a hit movie that made a red-headed doll the subject of many nightmares.It was a bit posessed. A little bit murder-y. That's not a word, but just work with me.

Most of the folks in Pinson, Alabama know that this scary looking kid is five-year old Jackson, but if you are driving through town for the first time...it would be have to be a little jarring.

Kendra Walden, of Boaz, got the attention rolling with a Facebook post asking what was going on with the kid dressed like "Chucky".

Here's another post from WVTM-TV, on Facebook, with some good pictures to check out below.


I don't know, as a parent, I might be a tad concerned if my child was obsessed with a horror movie villian. But, I guess it could be worse.

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