Lemonade Day, which helps teach children about entrepreneurship, has announced that it will hold its third annual event in Tuscaloosa this spring.

The date for Lemonade Day is April 21 and you can find out more and get started here.  and be sure to like the Facebook page to stay updated.

Lemonade Day is designed to take kids from a dream to a business plan while teaching them the same principles required to start a company by giving them the tools to start, own, and operate their very own business – a lemonade stand!  Collect the profits, keep them or donate them to their favorite charity.

The event is free for children of all ages and all the money you earn on Lemonade Day is yours to keep. Everyone that registers here will receive a backpack and workbook to help you get your lemonade stand going but supplies are limited so sign up early.

It's coming up fast, so save the date and start planning now for Lemonade Day!

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