A successful 2017 Lemonade Day in Tuscaloosa was celebrated at Cadence Bank this week as winners were awarded prizes based on their performance. 

Three stands outperformed 350 others to take home backpacks stuffed with goodies for their efforts on June 17. The awards were as follows:

Raleigh's Ocean Blue(berry) - Greatest Profits and Most Saved

Raleigh used her stand to help pay for camp at Dauphin Island.

PGB Club #88 - Most Charitable

The girls donated their earnings to Meals on Wheels, an organization that's close to their hearts.

Lemonade Heaven - Best Slogan

Isiah created the slogan “Lemonade Man Knocking Out That Thirst” to help stand out.

The Cadence Bank branch recognized the winners at their branch in downtown Tuscaloosa on Tuesday afternoon. The event, in its second year, more than tripled in size in 2017 as kids from all across Tuscaloosa and West Alabama learned about entrepreneurship by building and running a lemonade stand. The children had the option to save, spend, or donate all of the earnings.

Check out some of the photos from Lemonade Day here and make sure like the event on Facebook for updates on 2018.

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