Get ready to dig into you purse, or whip out your wallet, because this weekend marks the state’s summer sales tax holiday.

And what's unique about this year's event, is that this is the first time in the Back-To-School Tax-Free Weekend’s 12-year history, that the holiday is being held in July.

The  Alabama Retail Association, reveals that The Tax-Free Holiday will continue to take place in July. from here on out, unless changed by the Alabama Lawmakers. The Association also reveals that event was moved to July to account for certain Alabama State School Systems, that started their classes prior to the August tax-free weekends.

The actual hours of the event are from 12:01 a.m. Friday, (July 21), to midnight Sunday, (July 23). Most counties and cities in West Alabama are participating including: Tuscaloosa, Northport and Tuscaloosa County.

For more on this story, and for items that are eligible for "Tax-Free" status, read HERE

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