Holy Mackerel! This man caught a "Whale" of a catfish! We're talking 26.4 pounds! It happened last Thursday, when Tuscaloosa's Charles Rowland decided to do some fishing on the Black Warrior River.

It started off as a typical afternoon of fishing for Charles. But then he hit pay dirt when BOTH off his fishing lines in the water started pulling at the same time. He explains, "Both rods were bent double. I thought for sure my rods were going to snap, I couldn’t believe it.”

Apparently he had hooked TWO big fish. However, he could only reel in one because they were both GINORMOUS!  “I knew I had to cut the line of the other rod for the other fish. The other fish was huge, I could just tell from how it was pulling.” says Charles. After 15 minutes of battle, he ended up reeling in the 26.4 pound beast, which he says was the SMALLER of the two.

“When the fish finally came to the top of the boat, it felt like I caught a turtle as big as a washer machine,” Charles adds.

So, CONGRATS to Mr. Charles Rowland on his BIG CATCH! But know that there is still an even LARGER Catfish swimming around somewhere in the Black Warrior River.

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Important Side Note: Rumor has it, that Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa General Manager David DuBose has offered a LARGE sum of money to buy the fish from Mr. Rowland, in hopes of making the fish The Official Mascot for Townsquare Tuscaloosa's Classic Country Station, Catfish 100.1. At press time those rumors could not be confirmed nor denied.

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