The University of Alabama’s women’s golf team kicks off their spring season today. The Tide is competing in the Moon Golf Invitational in Melbourne, FL. This invitational began Sunday and will end on Tuesday.

The lineup includes Kenzie Wright, Benedetta Moresco, Polly Mack, Emilie Overas, and Caroline Curtis. The team is currently tied for 11th on the team leaderboard through the 36 holes, with a 4-over par 580 to start the invitational. 

On top of the ladies starting their season today, three of the members of the team have accepted an invitation to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. Last year the Augusta National Women’s Amateur was cancelled due to COVID19, but will return this spring. 85 players were invited to compete. The three ladies from the Crimson Tide that will be attending are Benedetta Moresco, Michaela Morard, and Kenzie Wright. Wright is a graduate student from Frisco, Texas and Morad is a freshman from Huntsville, AL.

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The team is currently ranked at No. 16 in the nation. After they complete the Moon Golf Invitational, they will play in the Lady Gator, Gamecock intercollegiate, Liz Murphy intercollegiate and LSU Tiger Golf Classic. Best of luck to our ladies finishing out the Moon Golf Invitational over the next two days! 

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