The holidays are now far behind us, but I still can't ring myself to take down my Christmas tree. Am I crazy? When IS the right time to pack up the holiday decorations?

I normally take the tree down on New Year's Day or the day after, but for some reason... I cannot make myself do it. I keep putting it off because a) I am lazy and b) just knowing I have to pack up my beautiful tree bums me out so much.

The holidays are fun and full of joy and laughter and magic... and to me, our Christmas tree symbolizes all that. I love looking at the tree--it's covered in lights and ornaments that have been in my family for generations, and there are also ornaments my daughter and I have made together--it's such a special thing to me. Knowing I can no longer bask in the glow of our little tree is heartbreaking. I always get bummed out after the holidays, and this just makes it so much worse.

Am I an insane person? How long do you leave your tree up? I think I'm letting mine stay up until Epiphany... or until after Bama wins the next Nationa Championship game.

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