More than 70,000 gallons of Mountain Dew *syrup* spilled into a drain because an enormous tank ruptured creating a *"a huge foaming event".  Where did all that sticky, syrup go?  Once in entered the drain (Which was, I'm assuming is in the middle of the floor, in the middle of some enormous tank room), it then traveled in an internal sewer system.

The entire time I was hearing about this story, I was thinking about the movie, Saving Dory.  Haven't seen it?  You must not have kiddos.  It's a must see, but I digress.

The local newspaper in Michigan where this catastrophe happened reported that:  "Officials at the plant tried to treat the problem without any help for two days before the system became overwhelmed."  Shhhhhhh, maybe no one will notice the waterways look like the Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day.  (Okay, I totally added that last sentence.)

An estimated 56,000 gallons of sugary sewage was sent flowing out of their system.  The high-sugar syrup can have a toxic effect on aquatic life.

Everything literally "went down the drain" from there.

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