The start of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul Tour included intimate duets, riveting solo performances and ... a baby gender reveal?!

Yep, it's true! A couple in New Orleans hoped the famous duo would do the honors, but honestly, they didn't think it would work.

Deanna DeArmond tells Taste of Country she and her husband Jeremy had an ultrasound for their third baby on Friday morning (April 7) and decided to wait to learn the sex — unless McGraw and Hill would open the envelope for them! They waited until birth for each of their first two kids (both boys, now age 8 and 2) and were happy to wait for No. 3. But about 30 minutes into the set, McGraw noticed Jeremy's sign and stopped the show.

"Anytime Tim and Faith would look in our direction he'd hold the sign up," Deanna explains, referring to her husband. "(McGraw) happened to look in our direction and he said, 'Hold on, let's see what this is about,' and they called us up to the stage."

Watch the above video to catch McGraw's topical joke before Hill takes the piece of paper and shouts, "It's a boy!"

After returning to their seats, the parents-to-be started to get texts and phone calls from friends and family who knew of their plan. They shared video to social media immediately and began thinking about naming baby No. 3 after McGraw, Jeremy's absolute favorite singer.

The stars' stop in New Orleans was the first date of the Soul2Soul Tour and the first major tour stop for Hill in more than a decade. Reviews from local newspapers like the New Orleans Times-Picayune praised the couple's chemistry and energy, commenting on how powerful Hill's vocals are and how smoothly the show ran, despite a few technical glitches. The duo's six-month-long trek will run through October with various artists opening. Expect a new album from the couple later this year. It will feature their new single "Speak to a Girl."

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