For much of the day yesterday, Tuscaloosa, and most of the state were on "high alert" with forecasts of severe weather. Tuscaloosa City & County Schools were closed, as were many businesses. In fact, The Governor had declared a State Of Emergency, the day before.

Luckily for us, we were quite fortunate, and we didn't see the turbulent storms that other folks did. However, that's not to say that the storms didn't leave their mark.

Check out the picture above. I took this picture, Wednesday Morning, just after the rain had subsided. The picture is that of The Family Dollar Store at 3851 Greensboro Avenue. The store has been opened for a couple weeks. However, the rain was too much for the drain in the parking lot to work, and it caused a flood, or as I called it, "Lake Family Dollar".

I managed to jump over the "lake", and do some shopping in the store. I wasn't sure if they were open at first, but The Manager assured me that they were. I said to him, "That's quite a lake you have out there!" He responded with, "Yes it is. If you need an inflatable raft, or a mask & snorkel to help you get back to your car, I might be able to sell you one."

Nice to see that the man had a sense of humor. :-)

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