With the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show set for the weekend, we had a chance to go up with one of the performers for a flight over Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama in a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter.

The awesome folks with the Friends of Army Aviation in Ozark, Alabama, brought the chopper out to the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport and will be offering rides to the public on Saturday and Sunday but we skipped the line and got to go up a day early.

The 10-minute ride took us over the airport and then a beeline for Bryant-Denny Stadium. Along the way, we got to look out of the open doors and over the city of Tuscaloosa on a beautiful Friday afternoon. We couldn't have asked for a better day and even though it was pretty windy out, Doc Holladay and his team piloted a smooth flight.

It's an awesome experience to be able to look down on Bryan-Denny Stadium, the Walk of Champions, and out at the other facilities around the campus. For that, we wanted to send the Friends of Army Aviation a huge thank you! Check out their website and their organization because they do a lot for preserving our military history.

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