Will Ferrell is mostly unharmed after an accident that flipped the car in which he was a passenger, according to TMZ. 

The site says that Ferrell was riding in an SUV Thursday night (April 12) that was sideswiped by another car on the I-5 freeway in Orange County at around 11 PM PST. Ferrell was rushed to the hospital with two other passengers, and while his injuries were unclear at the time of his accident, he was on his phone as he was being loaded into an ambulance atop a stretcher.

One witness said there was a woman passenger in Ferrell's car who was "bleeding profusely" after the accident.

As of 7:40 AM PST Friday (April 13), Ferrell's reps confirmed to TMZ that he's been released from the hospital without serious injury and is doing well.

Ferrell was on his way back from a San Diego Funny or Die event dressed as none other than his famous Anchorman character Ron Burgundy.

Fans on Twitter wished Ferrell a speedy recovery.

"Thoughts and good wishes to Will Ferrell, I hope he’s okay. Sounds like a nasty accident," one wrote. Another noted: "Hope you are okay, thinking of you and everyone involved in the accident! Get well soon!"

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