Glen Campbell's 2014 documentary Ill Be Me chronicles his farewell tour in 2011 and 2012 as he struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. In one particular clip, fans get to see part of Campbell's very last show, which took place at Napa, Calif.'s Uptown Theatre on Nov. 30, 2012; press play above to watch.

The footage shows Campbell performing one of his most famous hits, 1967's "Gentle on My Mind." At times, he struggles to remember the familiar lyrics and mixes up lines and verses, yet his voice is still strong, and he is able to banter with the audience. A guitar solo shows that his playing skills remained largely intact, though his mind is clearly failing him when he stops playing and talks into his mic to his sound techs mid-song.

“That was a really difficult day. It was difficult leading up to the show; it was really stressful and difficult," Campbell's wife Kim recalls in the footage. "That night was really, really, really hard, and we just knew this was it."

In June of 2011, Campbell announced his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, after experiencing short-term memory loss for several years. The disease continued to rob him of his memories until his death on Tuesday (Aug. 8); however, during his lifetime, Campbell was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and won a number of major awards, including numerous Grammy Awards and Grammy Hall of Fame honors, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, two CMA Awards (including Entertainer of the Year), a number of ACM Awards and many more.

“I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” Campbell’s final song, from I’ll Be Me, earned an Academy Awards nomination and won a Grammys trophy for Best Country Song. The film’s soundtrack won at the Grammy Awards as well, and the movie itself was awarded at the Nashville Film Festival.

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