A running back with consecutive 1,000 yard seasons in the SEC typically doesn't stick around for the opportunity for a third, but Alabama's Damien Harris is different.

The senior contemplated leaving school early like a number of his teammates and taking his shot at the NFL, but he told reporters at SEC Media Days that he wasn't ready to leave college.

“I just love Tuscaloosa," Harris said. "I love being a part of The University of Alabama, and that is something that brings me a lot of happiness. The mindset across the entire University of Alabama is that we are champions, whether it is from an academic standpoint or an athletic standpoint. I love walking down the street in Tuscaloosa and somebody rolling down their windows when they drive by and yelling ‘Roll Tide’. There are just so many things about being a part of The University of Alabama and living in Tuscaloosa that bring us so much joy as athletes. Coming back for my senior year wasn’t hard. “

Harris will lead another talented group of running backs in Tuscaloosa this season, and he'll continue his climb up the all-time rushing list at The University of Alabama.

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