Captain Jack Kennedy, the commander of the multi-agency violent crimes unit, said Nancy Holloway was reported to have walked away from her home in Holt just before midnight Saturday, and that her family said she suffered from medical issues including dementias.

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Multiple law enforcement agencies actively searched for Holloway Sunday night and Monday, including teams on foot, the deployment of dogs, drones and helicopters and the use of cell phone location data to track where Holloway had been.

Kennedy said police were able to find footage of the missing woman on a nearby home security camera, and began concentrating the search around the area in which she had been spotted.

She was found dead in a wooded area about a half-mile from her home. Kennedy said Holloway appeared to be in medical distress on the surveillance footage that captured her walking down the road, and that although the Violent Crimes Unit will take over the investigation, they do not currently suspect foul play was involved in this death.

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