The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrested University of Alabama Student Government Association (SGA) President for driving under the influence over the weekend.

The Inmate Database shows that Jarod Zakiya Hunter was arrested earlier today (Sunday 1/21) for allegedly driving under the influence. The SGA president spells his name "Jared Hunter," but he has the same middle name according to various news reports.

Tuscaloosa Police responded to an accident in the 1300 block of Hackberry Lane. According to Lt. Teena Richardson, officers "smelled a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage"  on one of the drivers. Added Richardson, "upon further investigation, officer observed other behaviors indicative of a person driving impaired. Officers administer standardize field sobriety test in which the driver, Jared Hunter performed poorly. Hunter was transported to Tuscaloosa County Jail".

Hunter's blood-alcohol content was discovered to be .16 percent. That's double the legal limit in Alabama, which is .08.

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