The Oak Ridge Boys have announced the release of 17th Avenue Revival on March 16. This album will be the group's second project produced by the legendary Dave Cobb, and it will be released on Lightning Rod Records. (Cobb previously worked with the band on their 2009 project The Boys Are Back.)

“Having been in The Oak Ridge Boys for almost 52 years,” says band member Duane Allen, “it can be difficult for me to imagine a place where we have not been. However, Dave Cobb had that vision, and the result is 17th Avenue Revival.

17th Avenue Revival calls on the throwback rock 'n' roll and Southern gospel roots of the Oak Ridge Boys, delivering a product that Allen says was religious experience: “Legendary Studio A on 17th Avenue South became a special, almost spiritual place, and for a few weeks it served as a beacon of creativity," he continues.

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17th Avenue Revival is something we believe our fans will love,” bass singer Richard Sterban adds, and the band's Joe Bonsall says that going backwards in time led to a new sound -- quite a feat for a musical group that's been around for more than five decades.

“Old roads turned into new roads on this album,” Bonsall quips, and it wasn't just the music, but the band itself that was renewed in the process with the help of Cobb: “Dave brought music with spirit and a magical feel to the studio," says William Lee Golden. "It became a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual revival for the Oak Ridge Boys."

The Oak Ridge Boys' illustrious career has spanned more than 50 years and includes more than 20 major awards, including five Grammys. They're members of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame and have released dozens of albums.

17th Avenue Revival, a nine-track project, is available for pre-order now, with the track "Brand New Star" offered as an instant download upon purchase. Readers can also press play below to hear that song.

Oak Ridge Boys, 17th Avenue Revival Track Listing:

1. “Brand New Star” (Aaron Raitiere & Mando Saenz)
2. “There Will Be Light” (Jamey Johnson, Larry Shell & Buddy Cannon)
3. “God’s Got It” (Charlie Jackson)
4. “I’d Rather Have Jesus” (Rhea Miller & George Beverly Shea)
5. “Walk in Jerusalem” (Traditional /Public Domain)
6. “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow” (Ernest W. Blandy / Public Domain)
7. “Pray to Jesus” (Brandy Clark & Shane McAnally)
8. “If I Die” (Ashley Monroe & Vince Gill)
9. “Let It Shine on Me” (Vince Gill & Ashley Monroe)

Hear the Oak Ridge Boys' "Brand New Star"

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