According to the University of Alabama, a student has been suspended for online threats of violence and was removed from the campus earlier today.

Ryan Parrish was suspended for sending racially charged messages to another student through the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook page.

Screenshots of the exchange were Tweeted out by Shaun King, the Senior Justice Writer for New York Daily News.

The University quickly responded prompting King to commend them for taking carer of the matter.

A statement from the University read,

Action has been decided with regard to the student. We will announce this decision once the student has been notified.

Just to be clear, the University’s statement about freedom of expression was in reference to the incident that spurred the social media attention – a group of UA students who chose to sit during the national anthem.

The University does not condone the use of hostile or racist language, or threats of violence in any situation. We urge every member of the UA community to be respectful of others and to express opinions in a manner that does not threaten or infringe upon the rights of others.

They then followed up with an update on Facebook saying "The student has been suspended and removed from campus."


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