Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder came to Vegas with one goal: to go with the title of WBC Heavyweight Champion during the third fight in the trilogy between the the two men.

Wilder suffered his first ever lost to Fury back in February of last year when his former trainer called the fight after he was hurt in the 7th round. After many delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the anticipated bout took center stage last night on October 9th.

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Wilder came out of his corner hot in the first round, working on attacking Fury's body and surprising many. Fury eventually gained his footing in the second and third rounds,  even knocking down Wilder in the third.

But the fourth round saw the Bronze Bomber bounce back in spectacular fashion, knocking down Fury not once, but twice. Wilder was still in the fight, and not backing down.

Wilder and Fury begin to go all out in the fifth and sixth rounds, with more clinches and more hard hitting punches showing up. Neither man wanted to concede defeat.

Fury in the seventh round began to show signs of domination once again. Landing blow after blow on Wilder, leaving the former champion shaky and just trying to find the right moment to strike. Round eight saw more of Fury handling Wilder, but the fight continued on.

A doctor checked on a visibly gassed and shaken Wilder in the 9th, but the fight continued on and the round became another showcase for both men, as they went all out once again in the fight for the coveted belt.

In the 10th round, Fury took control of the fight once more and looked to end it. But Wilder wouldn't go down so easily and his counterpunches looked as dangerous as always.

The 11th round saw Fury take complete control and a punch with the right hand knocking down Wilder brought an end to the undisputed best fight between the boxers.

Fury retained his belt and Wilder took the second loss of his professional career at the hands of the same man who handed him his first as well as his only draw.

What's next for the two men, only time will tell.

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