All of us at one point in our lives will experience one thing: Road Rage. Anything and everything can cause it.

Other drivers not paying attention. Drivers swerving in and out of lanes. People not going on green lights.

But other times, technology is the cause of the problem. Broken traffic lights or traffic lights not working are always a pain. But what about a traffic light that seemingly doesn't want to work?

Recently, a fellow coworker and I were heading to pick up one of our station vehicles. We got into the left turn lane on Skyland Boulevard East to get onto McFarland Boulevard.

And the longest wait began to commence. We waited for a least 3 LIGHT CHANGES before we were finally able to get onto McFarland.

We both said words that I can't repeat because they are not safe for work to read.

The problem with this intersection is that the light pattern is so weird. One side gets to turn and progress forward. While the other side just has to wait. Then the turn lights turn red, and the other side gets to progress forward.

Then finally the other side gets to turn.

How does this make any sense? In my opinion, the left turn lanes on both sides should go first, then the lights to progress forward should go.

The flow of traffic is all messed up and my head just hurts thinking about it. Is there any way to fix this problem?

Without making traffic worse in Tuscaloosa of course, that's the last thing we need...

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