One of the many reasons I love about living in Tuscaloosa is the various resources that are available to its residents. The Tuscaloosa SAFE Center is one of those resources. Their mission is to “provide 24-hour compassionate, patient-centered healthcare, advocacy, and counseling services to those who have experienced sexual assault so that each person is empowered to begin the healing journey.”

As a person who has been 30 seconds away from a sexual assault nearly 30 years ago, I wish there was a resource that I could have used to help me talk through the traumatic experience. If you have been sexually assaulted, you can call the “Tuscaloosa SAFE Center 24/7/365 hotline 205.860.SAFE (7233)” click here for more information.

I did find out by way of ABC 33/40 that the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center is launching new programs to aid sexual assault victims. “According to TSC Executive Director, Brenda Maddox, the organization has continued its sit-down therapy services throughout the pandemic and hopes to start art, yoga, and poetry therapy in October.”

In August 2020, Tuscaloosa SAFE Center announced a new executive director, Brenda Maddox.  Mrs. Maddox stated she felt “Extremely honored that the board of directors has the confidence to support me in this role, and I am very excited to see where we can take the center moving forward. I feel very blessed to have such a capable staff to work with and have no doubt that we can handle anything that comes our way.”

(Sources) To follow the Tuscaloosa Safe Center on Facebook, click here. For the Tuscaloosa Safe Center, New Executive Director Press Release, click here. For more about the Tuscaloosa Safe Center, click here. For more from ABC 33/40, click here.

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