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Santa Claus and the Tuscaloosa Police Department teamed up Monday afternoon to bring gifts and holiday cheer to a family in Holt.

TPD chose to surprise Maggie Conner and her four grandchildren after the department discovered that Conner has been donating her time, money and effort to the community by feeding the homeless.

"This is a joy and a blessing to come out and give to this family," Deputy Chief of Community Policing, Severn "Sebo" Sanders said. "We heard about the grandmother who was out feeding homeless people and so we decided this year that we were gonna bless her and her grandkids this Christmas."

Sanders said that the entire department contributed toward the buying of gifts from a list the children made as well as food items including ham, turkey, sweet tea and many other dishes.

Sanders said this is the third year the department has decided to "adopt" a family for the holiday season.

"All of the men and women in the Tuscaloosa Police Department, we all chipped in, got the gifts that [the family] wanted and we came here and we delivered it to them today," Sanders said.

Conner, 52, works for Billy Boyd Construction is raising four grandchildren who are 16, 11, 9 and 6. Once or twice a week, Conner donates her time to feed the homeless in the Tuscaloosa area.

"The more you give, the more you receive," Conner said. "You can give a lot and God will give it back, you have just got to believe."

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