It's not every day you find a drug dealer driving a van blatantly advertising his stash, but that's exactly what happened in Tuscaloosa yesterday. The Tuscaloosa Police Department arrested 40-year-old Desmond Love Brown of Macon, Georgia after spotting Love's van in the 1600 block of University Boulevard.

Love's van, pictured in the gallery above, advertised a business named "WeedWorldCandies;" When investigators approached the vehicle, Love was selling lollipops to several people. Upon inspection of the vehicle, investigators found approximately 100 lollipops made with hemp and other chemical agents; Brown was also in possession of a small amount of cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and $1,406 in cash.

Brown was arrested on the following charges: Unlawful Possession of Marijuana I, Unlawful Possession of Cocaine, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Resisting Arrest. Tuscaloosa Police Department says it will also obtain a warrant for Doing Business without a License. Brown was transported to the Tuscaloosa County Jail where he is currently being held on a $29,000 bond.

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