Meet Rhondi Gibson.

(Credit: Facebook/Rhondi Chanel)
(Credit: Facebook/Rhondi Chanel)

So, you see her.  But who is she and what sets her aside from others?

Rhondi, a Tuscaloosa native, is a nurse who worked on a COVID unit in New Orleans, one of the country’s hot spots for the virus. As the rate of infection seemed to stabilize, one would think Rhondi would breathe a sigh of relief and take a break, right?

Not Rhondi. Because she’d already battled on the front line in New Orleans, she decided to use her experience in another place where it’s needed: New York City!


We decided to talk with her to get insight into what it’s like on the unit, what led to her decision to work in New York, and advice she can give on prevention.

Gibson said that her experience in New Orleans coupled with incentives offered for nurses to help in New York were driving forces.

Of course this would be tough for any parent to see his or her child take on a position that could have dire results, but Gibson’s mom says she has peace about her daughter’s decision.  Kimberly says that she sees Rhondi flourishing and walking in her purpose, which is inspiring even for her.

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With hearing so much negative news, it’s great to be able to share a story of faith, perseverance, and purpose.

Thanks to all medical personnel and support staff for all of your work.  If you’ve never felt appreciated before, know that you’re recognized as heroes all over the world.

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