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Will The Real Big Ten Please Stand Up?
It has been reported this week by several media outlets that the Big Ten is possibly eyeing a new start date of Oct. 10th to begin their fall football campaign. In a statement from the conference, the Big Ten is working hard to try to make fall football a possibility.
Alabama's New 2020 Schedule
The SEC mixed up everyone's schedules this fall once the conference decided to opt for a conference only football schedule. Today the conference announced the new order and dates for the 2020 schedule. Earlier in the day it was announced the Tide would open the season on the road against one of…
Would You Attend A Socially Distanced Concert In Tuscaloosa?
I've seen so many things going on around the globe as far as adjusting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing masks in public is pretty much a requirement, and hand sanitizer stations are everywhere. I never imagined that people would find a way to have concerts during the pandemic, and it actua…
What Caused New COVID-19 Cases To Decline In Alabama?
It's safe to say that wearing face masks have become the new normal in Alabama and America. I remember back in April when I saw my first facemask out in public. It looked so odd. I thought to myself "Is that really necessary? Do they feel more protected?" Fast-forward a few months and…

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