I hate spiders.

I know, I know. They eat lots of insects and Earth would be in awful shape without them. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They also can inflict damage unlike any other creature of the same size.

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Recently, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama man, who I will not name at this time, was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I will be interviewing him later this week and will be able to reveal his name.

It began with a few buddies at his Tuscaloosa home. Yes, they were having a good time and decided to go outside.

They went into a wooded area behind his Tuscaloosa home without any shoes.

Now, that's not something I would call highly unusual.

He told me that he actually "felt something bite his toe". That's when he realized it was a spider. Further inspection proved that it was a brown recluse spider.

After several visits to doctors at DCH, he was told that the spider injected so much venom it had caused an infection all the way to the bone.

I don't like even typing that on my computer.

Surgeons at DCH then scheduled a surgery to remove his toe.

This photo below, shows the after-surgery result of the brown recluse spider.

Photo: DC Daniel/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC Daniel/Townsquare Media

Brown Recluse bites are different in their level of toxicity because they control how much venom is injected.

If they feel seriously threatened, you will probably get bitten seriously bad.

Either way, this story of a local, Tuscaloosa man, having to have his toe amputated will ruin several nights for me.

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