An article came out earlier today on ranking Alabama's 67 counties in terms of median income. The good news is that Tuscaloosa County cracked the top 10, coming in at number 10 with a median income of $47,868.

However, The national average is $55,775, which means that we're BELOW  average. But we're not alone. In fact, there are only THREE counties in Alabama that are performing ABOVE the national average. They are Shelby County ($70,879), Madison County ($59,117) and Autauga ($56,580).

If it's any consolation, Tuscaloosa County is performing ABOVE the Alabama state average of $44,833. But I have to wonder what would happen if Nick Saban's 7+ Million dollar a year contract wasn't figured into our total. He has to be padding our numbers somewhat!:-)

The Alabama Counties that are in The Bottom Three of Median Income? Sumter County ($25,931), Greene County ($25,398), and Wilcox County ($23,041).

Therefore if you want to FEEL Rich, I suggest that you ask your boss for a raise, take a second job, or move to Wilcox County!

For the Complete List Of Alabama Counties and How They Rank, read HERE

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