Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry and his family are mourning a sad loss: His father, Lloyd Gentry, died on Sunday (Aug. 13).

Montgomery Gentry's social media accounts shared the news of Lloyd Gentry's passing on Sunday afternoon; the statement asks for prayers for Troy Gentry, his wife Angie and their family. According to the post, Lloyd Gentry died early Sunday morning, though no additional details were revealed.

Lloyd Gentry, according to his son, was in the restaurant business. Before pursuing a career in music and teaming up with Eddie Montgomery to form Montgomery Gentry, Troy Gentry worked for his father. He remembers spending the summers working for him as being "a lot of fun."

"It was all my dad ever knew. He started out when he was, I think, in his early 20s, with his first chicken restaurant ... I mean, I didn’t know anything else but the restaurant business up until, I guess, in the last 15 or 20 years, when he got into the bar business," Gentry tells Colton, Calif., radio station K-FROG. "You know, I got in there, would bar-tend and help wait tables and work in the kitchen. Throughout the summers, and while I was -- you know, nights I wasn’t playin’ music -- I was in the club helpin’ Dad out.”

Troy Gentry's mom, Patricia, died in 2007. His brother Keith died in 2014.

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