Trace Adkins' intimidating presence softens just a little when he talks about his grandkids and the kind of grandfather he is. Then it comes roaring back.

The "Watered Down" singer brought a handmade coffee mug to his interview with Taste of Country, and when asked, he admitted it was designed by his granddaughter, Hadley. Adkins says he likes what all grandparents like about the job: being able to enjoy the kids and then give them back. Then, we asked if he spoils them.

"Not too much, not too much," he says in the above video. "They get whatever they want I guess, but I don't go over the top ... Really they're spoiled anyway, so there's not much left to do. They're already spoiled — their mother and father spoil 'em rotten. So they don't need any help from me."

It's the most Trace Adkins-y of Trace Adkins moments, with the oft-candid singer delivering the straight truth. The 55-year-old has three grandkids and says he tries to teach them one simple thing: "To be quiet. I try to teach them to be quiet, which obviously nobody else is trying to do."

Adkins talked in depth about songs from his new Something's Going On album during the interview. The album drops on Friday (March 31), the same day he's slated to sing his new song on the Today Show.

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