Krystal Keith is still recovering from a traumatic car accident she and her family were involved in over the Fourth of July holiday.

Toby Keith's daughter and her husband were driving with their young daughter to see fireworks when they were struck by a drunk driver. In an interview with Rare Country, Krystal — also a country singer — explains that she and her husband are still in physical therapy and trying their best to move on with their lives.

“I am having an MRI next week and [my husband and I] are both still in therapy," she shares. "It’s been hell for us. We try not to complain, and there is no doubt that we are blessed to be alive. God had [his] hand on us."

She explains that there were three separate impacts — first in the front, by the drunk driver, then by the boat the car was towing and finally when they went into a ditch. The "Anyone Else" singer says her husband suffered knee injuries as a result, and she has a fracture in her vertebrae.

"I honestly feel like our car saved us though," she admits. "We had just gotten that Mercedes six months before. It’s such a safe car. Personally, I think the car saved our lives."

Keith is trying her best to move on after the accident, both personally and professionally. She recently released a new duet, "Anyone Else," which features labelmate Lance Carpenter. At home, she and her husband remain positive for their daughter.

“With a toddler at home, we have to keep going and keep life as normal as possible, but we are still juggling doctors appointments and therapy,” she adds. “It’s been a challenge. As a mom, you power through."

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