Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently took a tropical vacation and shared a few photos that remind us what love looks like after 20 years.

The fawning both country superstars do over one another is adorable. It actually started before their getaway. McGraw snuck this picture of Hill's right leg, taken during a car ride. And since then they've both snuck pics of each other's backside and legs using #Vacation. We feel an urge to use #RelationshipGoals instead.

During a recent interview with Taste of Country McGraw talked about lessons learned during a 20-year marriage. The first is to listen.

“And I’ve also learned,” he said, “that when you look at politics and you look at the world we live in and everything else, there’s really no definite answers to anything. There’s a lot of sort of figuring your way out with every move that you make. I think that you find that out as you get older and that really has to do with relationships, as well.”

It's not clear if this was an anniversary vacation. They'll celebrate 20 years of marriage on Oct. 6. McGraw joked that he was hoping he'd remember but added that he'd do something nice for her and them to commemorate the moment. Together they've had dozens of hits since becoming a couple, done two major tours and a Las Vegas residency together and raised three daughters.

McGraw's daughter Grace joins him on "Here Tonight," a song from his new Damn Country Music album. The current single on that album is "How I'll Always Be."

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