Though two out of three of their daughters are moved out and on to college, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are not off the hook for providing all the family Christmas traditions they’ve cultivated over the years. In fact, they say the expectations are even higher.

"They’ve already made their request about, ‘Are we going to have this, are we gonna have that set up where it was last year? Are you going to put out the village this year?’” Hill says via Big Machine.

McGraw jumps in and qualifies their high expectations.

"They’re hinting that, 'Just because we’re gone doesn’t mean you’re not going to do the house like you always do when [we] were kids,’” he explains. "So they still want the house to look like it did when they lived there and they were kids. So they want to be able to come home and still feel like it always has to them.”

Gracie and Maggie have left the nest, but the couple’s youngest daughter, Audrey, is still holding down the fort. She is not without her own suggestions, though.

"Lord, she's made many requests about how the house should look,” Hill says.

“Her main request is, ‘Do the sisters have to come home for Christmas?’” McGraw jokes.

Hill and McGraw are gearing up for their tour together next year, which unfortunately included foot surgery for Hill to get stage ready. McGraw was there to take care of her, though, while daughter Maggie accompanied McGraw to the AMAs as his date. The family celebrated Thanksgiving together, including some dishes by Hill that McGraw says he doesn't mind exceeding a calorie count for.

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