Looking at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's vacation home in the Bahamas will turn you an ugly shade of green. It's a tropical paradise that's sure to make you jealous!

The house is an open-air series of structures in the Bahamas. The couple gave Architectural Digest a tour recently, and in the video below, they walk everyone through a spacious, scenic structure and the surrounding natural landscape:

They purchased the land in 2003, but didn't move into the house until 2012. It's described as eight distinct "pavilions" connected by thatch-roofed loggias.

"We basically had to build a little town," Hill tells AD.

"You’ve got to have staff houses," McGraw adds. "You’ve got to have infrastructure."

Photos show even more of the property, which includes a gorgeous ocean leap and other amenities unavailable to the land-locked country fan. Architect Bobby McAlpine worked on the house. He also worked on the couple's homes in Nashville and Franklin, Tenn.

Last year the country music super-couple celebrated 20 years of marriage, and they're arguably still celebrating. The Soul2Soul Tour is one of country music's hottest of the year, to be followed by an album of collaborations expected later this year. "Speak to a Girl" is their current single.

See Photos of Tim and Faith's Tennessee Home!

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