The Yellowhammer State is known for its beautiful scenery, and this special spot is no exception. There is an absolutely magical sunflower field just waiting for you, and the best part: it's only 80 miles outside of Tuscaloosa.

The Sunflower Field is located at 3301 AL Highway 14 in Autaugaville. Here you'll find an expansive field filled with beautiful blooming sunflowers that make the perfect backdrop for your special photoshoot. You can stop by and snap a selfie or just soak in the beauty of nature.

The field is only open when the sunflowers are blooming, and this summer's bloom should begin within the next few days; however, once the seasonal bloom begins, it doesn't last long. Owners say that there are only 20 days during which you can truly capture the magic of the Sunflower Field.

There's no charge for individuals to stop by the field and take pics, but they do charge photographers $20 for sessions in the Sunflower Field. You can purchase a sunflower for only $1, and sunflower seeds are available for purchase, too. The team at the Sunflower Field also sells T-Shirts, flour sack towels, and fresh cantelope and watermelon.

Those who visit the Sunflower Field are reminded to practice social distancing in an effort to adhere to CDC guidelines preventing the spread of COVID-19. Those who prefer to wear masks are encouraged to do so, and potential visitors should also be aware that pets are NOT allowed on the property.

For more information on the Sunflower Field, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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