I've never seen a unicorn. I have never seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a UFO, or, for that matter, a ghost. There are many rare and strange things out there, and catching a glimpse of them is like seeing a leprechaun streak underneath a double rainbow. 

I found something yesterday that is equally rare and crazy: a listing for an Arizona home that is apparently a portal to some sort of twisted Lisa Frank hoarder hell.

This house in on another level. I literally shrieked when I saw the photos of the interior. It is INSANE. Look at it--but shield your eyes. Every wall has been painted crazy colors. There are stuffed animals hung on the walls; there are like 87480473280715 cat toys and scratch posts. Oh, and don't forget the paper mache and magazine clippings stuck to the walls!

This is just... man. I can't even.

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