This Alabama Paradise Is A Perfect Springtime Destination 

Warmer weather, blooming flowers, and great photo opportunities. This Alabama paradise is definitely a must-visit site this spring.

I remember first moving to Alabama and being excited to finally see the seasons change. Back home in Florida, there were only two seasons, spring and summer. The thing is, they all just felt like summer because spring was just what we called the few months before summer. Lol!

Although I missed going out to different places during my first spring, I'm determined to enjoy spring this year as much as I can. COVID-19 was the reason my spring was canceled last year and I refuse to let it stop me in 2021.

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What do you typically do in spring here in Alabama? Whatever it is, you should add this beautiful picturesque place to your list of destinations. Alabama's Cornerstone Gardens in Mobile.

Cornerstone has multiple gardens for you to enjoy with your family and loved ones. According to their Facebook page, Cornerstone Gardens and Arboretum was created as a place of meditation, rest, and reflection for Carriage House Repose & Restore, Inc. (a ministry to encourage Pastors).

I can definitely see my family taking a trip here soon to grab some great pictures and just be outside with nature soaking up the sun. My son LOVES being outside so I know he'd enjoy his visit. Of course, my wife would enjoy it, what woman doesn't love beautiful flowers?!

They're open by appointment so gather your garden buddies and call (251) 298-7670 to schedule your visit. For more information visit their site by clicking here.


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